5 Minarets in New York - JimGucciardo

5 Minarets in New York- Act Of Vengeance

A string of terrorist bombings and the killing of a prominent journalist in Turkey, takes two undercover Istanbul cops on an international adventure to find "Dajjal"- the leader of a jihadist organization, who takes his name from the figure of evil as mentioned in the Quran. Their journey brings them to New York City, where they believe their suspect has been living in exile as an Imam and Islamic scholar. After a harrowing escape the detectives return the suspect to Istanbul for trial, only to find that he wasn't the mastermind they were looking for. Photographed in stunning Anamorphic 35mm, this action filled political thriller strikes some very timely notes and stars Danny Glover, Gina Gershon, Robert Patrick, Mahsun Kirimzigul and Haluk Bilginer.

2010. 35mm, Anamorphic 1x 2.35, color. 116mins. Dir: Mahsun Kirimizigul, Prod: Boyut Film


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